The ladder is in the tunnel.
This is the path that takes you to the barn.Place the Frozen Meat inside the microwave.Place your cursor downwards to exit the car.Glove Compartment Click on the Glove Compartment for a closer view.Go back to the graveyard by going through the window of the room on the right at the stained glass hallway.Go back to the Library in the hotel by clicking on the left door in the stained glass hallway.
You have a queue of 5 slots; you can choose which goods to fill those slots with.
Use the Hammer to break the glass which holds the Fire Extinguisher.No need to take screenshots anymore.Youve just found the 1st Frozen Student.This is the tunnel that opens up after the relic puzzle pokerinpelaaja suomalainen has been solved.Start Generator Please watch the video for a step-by-step solution for this puzzle.With liberal use of the Magical Manufactoring enchantment, however, you can easily avoid needing to!Como pode alguém confundir um pedaço de queijo com um pedaço de bolo?Kill the cat and gather its skull to exchange it in Drekkemaus shop!Fishermans Relic Take the Fishermans Relic once the puzzle has been solved.Place the appropriate item from inventory on the stone.