Now the inside targets were painted with florescent paint, giving them an erie glow under the black light.
Shoot-Out at Rock Gulch, Taylor Manufacturing Company, mid-1960s (exact date unknown Shoot Out at Rock Gulch had a player holster with a six-shoter gun facing a full sized manikin gunfighter.Motorcycle, Chicago Coin, 10/70, white cabinet sides.Two Player Basketball, Genco, 3/54, two players, 2 Player Basketball has player controlled netent 100 free spins no deposit manikin basketball players compete against each other, game comes three ways (novelty, deluxe, super).These games are characterized by multiple levels filled with medals or coins.Wheel of Love, Mike Munves, 1970s (exact date unknown) Wizard's Pen, Exhibit Supply, 1940s (exact date unknown palm reader fortune teller.Miniature Steam Shovel, Sheldon Dickerson Steven Mfg Company, 1926.They still have the "EM charm but they also have some flash of solidstate.Similar to Evan's Ski-Ball (1940).
Touchdown*, Williams, 1965, game #307, a pitch and bat with a football theme.
Ask Grandma fortune teller, Deca, 5/54, full size Grandma, life size with human moves (chest, both hands, eyes, head the crystal ball glows once coin is inserted.
Black Magic, Rockola, 1939, dice machine.The early animatronics seem quite realistic (especially given the era in which they were made).Rodeo Shooting Galley, Chicago Coin, 1972, electronic sound, 8-track tape player background sound.Champ, International Mutoscope, 9/55, KO Champ is a manikin boxing game under a dome.Showcase aka ND, Des, XL und Goode, Soulsurfer, SP:MC, Syncopix, DJ Tease, Diaz-Soto, MC Sinista, Miss Johnny, MC Dragoon, MC Soultrain, MC Deemas J, MC Stunnah MC Mex E, MC Temper MC Little Monk 19 Club-Floors; 300 DJs und Live-Acts.000.Payout goes into a hidden drawer compartment.Night Bomber, Chicago Coin, 1/71, electronic sound.She picks-up the card from the enclosure that she opens with her left hand.Western Gun, Exhibit Supply, 7/53.Must like the Sammy Sub Roc.Quick Draw, Dynamic Amusement Devices (N.Erickson Company, 1950s (exact date unknown dispenses a fortune card.

Patron bets on rotating horses.
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