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The Oathkeeper has excellent synergy with poison and acid when paired with the Nighblade mastery.
Unfortunately, the latest patches have heavily nerfed chaos damage and items that boost chaos pet damage.
It may seem strange to have two caster classes focused on physical attacks, but trust me, it works wonders.Raise Skeletons 16, undead Legion 12 (upgrades skeletons will Of The Crypt 12 (upgrades skeletons).It is a balance between the Defensive and Aggressive states.It will aggressively seek out targets, asrock cpu upgrade slot even ones that have not attacked the player.Shepherd's Crook is a must for the bonus to pets.A counterpoint to the Ritualist, this mastery combo is mostly about summoning creatures and letting them do the damage, while then lowering enemy resistances so your summons can tear at them with damage types like acid, cold, lightning, etc.Level, stats, xP Required 1/15 30 Second Skill Recharge 5 Second Duration 8 400 Health Restored liikennevakuutus bonukset virosta suomeen 30 Health Regenerated per Second 0 2/15.3 Second Duration 9 440 Health Restored 43 Health Regenerated per Second 75000 3/15.6 Second Duration 9 480 Health Restored.If you want to take a look, our previous version of the best build still has some solid tips if you want to try out a Warder character, although some of that info is now outdated.Trigger, summon Limit, duration, cooldown, black Scourge, scepter: Black Scourge 30 Chance on enemy death 3 8 secs n/a.Unless you manage to find a significant number of loot drops that give you bonus summoning powers.
For devotion points, Ulzuin's Torch is a great idea that can be bound to any of your summon skills, as it eventually gives you the chance to randomly call down a high damage meteor swarm with any basic attack.To get the most use out of this build, obviously you are going to want to equip any items that increase your overall acid damage.Just make sure to always be on the lookout for any equipment that gives pet bonuses, elemental damage bonuses, or debuffs the enemy.Pet stats and damage are increased.For maximum damage output, don't forget to grab those Dreeg-focused faction items that add in additional poison/acid damage to whatever dual wielding weapons you are using.Normal Stance is the default used when a pet is summoned.These are the preferred skills for the.Shaman side: Brute Force 12 (increase internal trauma damage with main attack) Feral Hunger 10 (heal yourself on melee hits) Summon Briarthorn 16 Ground Slam 4 (upgrade Briarthorn) Emboldening Presence 4 (upgrade Briarthorn) Primal Bond 12 (additional internal trauma damage and upgrades pets) Conjure Primal.Not sure which mastery combo to pick for your next Grim Dawn playthrough quest; We show abc bonus tankkaus you three of the absolute best builds in the latest patch for tackling the Shattered Realm or the story campaign excl; The sprawling grim dark fantasy arpg.