At least, that was my initial reaction to Jeremy Feasel's (aka Muffinus preview stream of some of the features to come in patch.2, Rise of Azshara.
Further Reading About Stat Priorities How Stat Weights/Priority Work Maximizing Brewmaster DPS (Coming Soon!) Secondary Stats and You (pending update FOR BFA The methodology outlined in this article remains true, however the specific recommendations are out of date) Trinkets Offensive Trinkets DPS trinkets will depend.
Offensively, it will lose out to direct damage options too.Below are the effects and whether they are worth trying out.This can be used to identify which pieces to target with bonus rolls or trades.Mestrah's Singing Spaulders, boiling Brew, Training of Niuzao, Shimmering Haven, Gemhide, jadefire Masters (Battle for Dazar'alor vestments of Indomitable Will.Tiger Palm (If energy 55 rushing Jade Wind (If talented) Brew Charge Usage Ironskin Brew Keep this ability active 100 of the time when actively taking damage.By the creator of m - League of Legends Rankings and Statistics and.Above 60, they can deal additional damage.While the above stat weights will hold true for most players, it is recommended to sim your Monk using SimCraft to obtain accurate, personalized weights.Encounters in Battle for Azeroth tend to be heavily biased towards melee and dodgeable damage, as such we recommend favoring Mastery while keeping a riga poker healthy amount of Versatility and Critical Strike.
Trinkets that do damage to enemies instead of having stats on them are not reduced in effectiveness for tanks, so these are very powerful.
2018: Updated food and flasks recommendations.
Azerite Gear for Brewmaster Monks.Stormglide Steps When using Stormglide Steps, your auto-attacks grant stacks of Critical Strike.Below 60, they can grant a 10 second HoT.Idol of Indiscriminate Consumption Idol of Indiscriminate Consumption will deal damage to up to 7 enemies or allies.Further Reading About Talents, brewmasters operate on a priority system.Offensive Stat Priority Critical Strike Agility Versatility Mastery Haste Offensive stat priority for Brewmaster will depend very heavily upon your current gear, talents, and Azerite traits.Taking damage removes these stacks.Lustrous Golden Plumage can be looted from the Golden Serpent in King's Rest, and the on-use can either be used on cooldown for DPS or saved as a small defensive boost if necessary.

This drops from U'unat.
Its on use-effect provides an absorb shield around a quarter of your HP, and only has a 90-second cooldown.
The damage is reasonable.