As you can see, there's virtually nothing not to like about this game.
Good Parts: All modes of gameplay were brilliant but I particularly liked Duel Mode.
I only had to pay a few levels over so there is no stress.But, don't let him get caught by a ghost.Owning over 100 M3 games, I can declare that there are not many that I really love, but this is one of them!I ran down the trial just like that and I guarentee you'll love it!Had dialog, but you can skip that.The storyline is sung rather sdxc slot mac mini than spoken as you change locations, and the voice and intonation are funny.Where do I start?How about the opening scene is musical!Every 6 levels you start a new stage - AND you get another part of the story sung in rhyme to you again!
Now, I'm just too wrung out to even talk about the boxes and frozen items and bonuses so just try the free hour long demo and find that out for yourself - lol.If you hesitate too long you are given a subtle hint of matches still available.Someone, with an incredible voice, sings you the story in rhymes.This game is totally awesome!The game board is tipped at an angle, so it makes finding the matches even more challenging.Prepare for adjective overload!The bonus level was very fun and exciting OK Parts: Would've liked a bit of a storyline included with the game.Bonus plays (think ghost from from another era) and trophies.Good Graphics The rewards you got for completing a level.Date published:, rated 5 out of 5 by ssnsvrsn from addictive the more you play the game the harder it gets.

Bad Parts: The songs were weird and annoying.