This combat bonus is at its most powerful, 30, when the harava lotto unit is inside the Capital and becomes weaker the further away the unit.
Provides appeal, and amenities, plus culture poker guvernator 2 gratis based on adjacent snow and tundra tiles.
Also provides 15 Food.Slightly cheaper than the Archer.You cant have everything everywhere.The minimap (below left) includes controls for map data overlays called Lenses, toggles for map options (Show Grid, Show Resource Icons, Show Yield Icons a "map pin" feature that lets you place markers on the map, and the hex-based Strategic bonus quests talador map View similar to that available.Floodplains do not block placement of districts and wonders.It also bears mentioning that they arent particularly geared towards a specific victory condition.People of the Steppes (Scythia Receive a second light cavalry or Saka Horse Archer unit each time you train a light cavalry or Saka Horse Archer.Must be built on flat land adjacent to the City Center." Broadway Requires : Mass Media civic Base Cost: 2100 Production Yield: 3 Great Writer points, 3 Great Musician points, 1 Great Works of Writing slot, 2 Great Works of Music slots "1 Free random.Unlike normal Horsemen, this unit can fortify.Land Down Under (Australia 3 Housing in coastal cities.Your Last Best West ability also lets you make the most out of tundra tiles by building farms and resource yields.
It appears to require Rainforest or Woods.
1 Sight, 1 Movement (5 vs 4) and no movement cost to pillage improvements.
Notes : As a unique district, the Street Carnival is half the production cost of the normal entertainment district.Golden Liberty (Poland Culture bomb adjacent tiles when completing an Encampment or Fort inside friendly territory.Gods Kings and, brave New World, expansions."Receive a second naval unit each time you train a naval unit.Satrapia (Persia 1 Trade Route with Political Philosophy, and bonuses to internal Trade Routes.Can only be build on Desert tiles.Unique Unit: Pracinha : Replaces Infantry.Dislikes losing a Great Person to another civilization.

Specialists, from Civilopedia: "Specialists are alternative assignments for Citizens, which involve working a district tile instead of a normal tile.
Unique Unit: Maori Warrior : Replaces the Warrior.
God of War : Bonus faith for each enemy unit killed within 8 tiles of a Holy Site district you own equal to 50 of their strength.