resident evil 5 bonus features points

Face the lockers on the south side of the room then open the right locker and trilogia casino collect the handgun ammo (10) from inside then open the left locker and collect the chalice (gold) treasure from inside.
For Chris' other obtainable grenade rounds, it's best to spam them against a group of enemies.
Moving over a proximity bomb will not damage a character so long as an enemy does not trigger the bomb.
The range of the explosion is basically close range only, so your character doesn't have to move too far away to avoid.The rocket launcher explosion's blast radius is just as dangerous as a direct hit.Fire Accelerate Aim Brake/Reverse Fire Run Turbo Left analog Steer Assist Swap places (in co-op mode Get on boat Action Get off boat (near dock) ' '.I'm going ray pokeri 100 to make up a separate guide for The Mercenaries mode as well.Both players must tap the button.400 Gold - On the second floor table in the building on the other side of the bridge.
A proximity bomb can be placed be placed below the high ledge (broken portion of wall with the torch in the back of it to the north.
Breakable object list Tall Crate - Lying against the right wall after turning the first corner.
Watch for the snake that will try to jump out and bite your characters at the north end of that patch of grass.The player will face south.His magnum is an instant kill as always though he doesn't start with any ammo for.From the opposite side, your character will perform a weak arm stun melee that will bounce the Majini back to the partner, but from the front your character will perform a more damaging head stun melee.This gun can kill a boss enemy in two hits if Wesker is close enough for the boss to feel the full spread of the gunshot.The hand grenade should stun him and make the electric transformer fall right next to him, which will electrify him for some extra damage.She will almost instantly respond to a partner action command if a Chris player presses the assist button while being grappled.It can be just as deadly.After knocking one of them down with the shotgun, it is best to wait until it is fully recovered and about to move again before shooting it again; this will help to make sure that your character knocks it down with each blast.If the Wetland Majini falls to the ground with the second shot then it will remain grounded for a Stomp.It can also be used to stagger a group of enemies that are in a crowd on the other side of an obstacle.SDMeatte - Adoboros - JillSandwich123 - Slivi0 - Nuss OutLaw - GoD - RE5 guide thanks - Jun Takeuchi and his team at Capcom for the fantastic work they did on Resident Evil 5!If Jill hits a character, then that character is dead right then and there.The Base Majini with stun rods get so aggressive at times that simply running from one and then turning to fire at it can be a chore since the Base Majini might be right up in your face preparing to hit your character with the.A single nitrogen round can also be shot at the Majini with metal shields allowing your characters to finish them off with a melee or gunfire.

If you don't have an explosive round then shoot them with the Hydra shotgun while aiming up at their frozen bodies to shatter them.