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If you make this or any other project using my tutorials I would love for you to share a pic on the Whitney Sews Facebook page or on instagram using #WhitneySews Ill be back next week with another new tutorial! .
Buuuuut the original pattern worked out and I didnt need to make a new one.Check out my step-by-step tutorial for my fidget mat here!Tape the curved piece to the top edge of the larger piece and you have your pattern.Follow the step by step tutorial here!On one sheet measure.5 inches from the bottom (long) edge and draw a gradual curve from the bottom to the mark.5 inches. .The wider you can open the piece up at that point the better.
I believe the fabric is a natural (unbleached) muslin, but to be honest it was given to me so Im not completely certain.
We just moved so I hunted around my new sewing room looking for things to add to my mats. .Years ago I picked up a remnant of vinyl fabric. .The vinyl zipper bag is fully finished inside and out so it will last a very long time.However there are a lot of measurements to keep track of, so I created a corresponding PDF to go along with the step-by-step video tutorial. .This one block quilt top can be sewn together in about an hour.I focused on sewing a lot of things for my kids and projects that will help us keep our rånäs slott cafe house/toys more organized. .I finally came up with an idea for a quilt top that uses all the prints together to create one large block.Then I can see I have the measurements right and the lines are easy to see under the ruler as I cut with a rotary cutter. .Afterwards I was determined to make the bag I thought I had seen in the photo with a curved top zipper and a front pocket with a matching curve. .Click here to watch!Did you know you can use that shopping to help support the Whitney Sews content you enjoy?!?Sew Your Stash facebook group to share the projects you are making from your stash.One of my biggest tips is to plan out the layout so each element either extends to the sides of the mat or tucks under something else. .

I realized it way too late to recut it, but thankfully I have copied all the measurements down correctly for you all!