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Build mode, community objects, dice chair, comfort.Decorative, misc, electronic roulette, decorative, misc, roulette table (Comes in 3 felt colors).My Sims kept getting jealous seeing all those decorative cars driving by their house every day, and so I decided to bring drivable cars back to the game so my Sims could hit the road too.Smord P328 - costs 12500 and gives the driver a Focused moodlet.Now with this mod, your Sims can own and drive the very same cars that they lotto numero 40 see on the road every day.Tofunda Wagon - costs 15000 and gives the driver an Energized moodlet.To drive the cars, simply click on them and use the "Drive." interaction.Closing this message means you accept everything.The cars must be placed on terrain, but they can go anywhere on your lot and as long as your Sims can reach them, they can use them.By continuing to use the site you accept our cookie policy.This can't really be helped, as EA didn't design the meshes to be animated anyway.
When your Sim arrives at their chosen destination, they'll receive a "Traveled in Style" 3 emotional moodlet - the emotion of this moodlet will depend on which car your Sim used.
Decorative, misc, poker table (Comes in 3 felt colors).We have detected that you are using an Ad-blocker plugin.Recommended, the Lucky Simoleon Casino, download.Compatibility, this mod was created in a game that has all packs installed, but it only uses files from the base game, so it should be base game compatible.Vorn Stallion - costs 17500 and gives the driver a Flirty moodlet.Bwan Speedster YL - costs 20000 and gives the driver a Confident moodlet.Comes in 4 felt colors).